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The City of Memphis currently seeks public comment on the ten street repaving projects detailed in Surface Transportation Program Groups 5 and 6. Plans include the addition of bike lanes and pedestrian safety measures on Riverside Drive and Cooper Street, among others.

When the City adopted the Complete Streets Project Delivery Manual, it made a statement about the value of protecting all human life in the public right of way. It identified streets designed for the safety of all users as a matter of not only public safety, but equity, access to opportunity, economic development, public health, and an investment in the livability of our city.

Memphis’ streets consistently rank as the most dangerous in the state and in the top ten most dangerous in the nation for people who walk. In 2016, Memphis reported the highest incidence of pedestrians affected by traffic crashes anywhere in the state over the last decade, and the share of pedestrian fatalities among all traffic deaths has grown.

Non-white individuals, the elderly, and youth aged 10 to 19 are overrepresented in pedestrian crashes.

Streets designed for all modes of travel--streets that include protected bike lanes and narrower distances between sidewalks--reduce the number of traffic crashes, severity of crashes, loss of life, and loss of property.

Sign our petition below and reach out to your representatives to express your support for STP Group 5 and 6 plans that include pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure in repaving projects.

We Petition our City Leaders

To Value the Safety of All Memphians

I support streets that value the lives of all road users, whether on foot, on a bike, or in a car.

I support infrastructure that allows equitable access to opportunities and to our greatest public assets.

I support street designs that benefit local businesses, ease movement of our workforce, and promote return on City investments.

I know that walking and biking are an important part of our transportation system.

We, the undersigned concerned citizens of Memphis join with businesses, non-profits, neighborhood groups, and private citizens across the city to support City plans detailed in STP Groups 5 and 6, that include pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure.

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  • Mark Hicks
  • Jackson McNeil
  • More trails and bike lanes make Memphis a healthier city
  • As Memphis becomes more pedestrian and bike friendly, it also becomes a more joyful place to live and work. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of our community.
  • It is also necessary to teach all drivers to LOOK for cyclists and pedestrians, not just other cars, before turning, pulling out, etc. Memphis CAN be bike/walk friendly! !!!❤👍
  • Sign the petition: I support safe streets for Memphis.
  • John Paul Shaffer
  • Kyle M Grady
  • Michael Studdard
  • Sign the petition: I support safe streets for Memphis.