Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, friends!

It's been a little while since we talked, but we at Bike Walk Memphis wanted to say hi and welcome to 2018. There are some exciting things underway here in Memphis in the active transportation world and we want to stay in touch!

The Hampline!Hampline_on_Broad_in_the_Arts_District_showing_treatment_with_angled_parking___Fuss___O'Neill_INC.jpg

We were super excited to hear from the City of Memphis last week that the remaining sections of the Hampline on Broad Ave and Tillman Street were approved! Fingers are crossed that we'll see a groundbreaking this summer. It will be an amazing addition to Binghampton, the Broad Avenue Arts District, and the city and region at large. We can't wait to ride it!

If you like the Hampline and support more places to ride and walk safely, we hope you'll attend the upcoming city meeting on Feb. 6 about restriping and improvements on Peabody Avenue from Cooper to Bellevue. The city is proposing traffic calming and bike lanes and we need your help to make sure those improvements happen! More on the meeting here. Also, let us know you're coming so we can connect with you at the meeting!

Connecting with Transit for a more Accessible Future

Memphis 3.0, the city's first comprehensive land use and transportation plan since the early 80s, is taking a serious look at how public transportation can better connect our communities in Memphis. The planning team is looking for feedback on what improved and expanded service could look like going forward, and we hope you'll take a few minutes to read about the alternatives and complete a brief survey here.

Job Opportunities

Want to join one of the organizations pushing for safer streets and greater connectivity for all folks - walking, bicycling, riding transit, and driving? Both Bike Walk Memphis AND Explore Bike Share are hiring!


Cheers, and we'll see you on the streets!

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