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About Bike Walk Memphis

Transportation is an industry Memphis knows well. From air to river to train to truck, Memphis has positioned itself to maximize its geography for economic development. Memphis is now on the verge of further extending its mastery of transportation infrastructure by becoming the best city in the Southeast for biking and walking. 

That's no small claim, but it's not an impossibility. With the ambitious greenway system, the emerging on-street network, and the opening of the iconic Big River Crossing, biking and walking are about to take on a new meaning for many Memphians. All of the sudden, biking or walking to school becomes an option. A new bike lane puts a distant bus stop within reach. A greenway connects neighborhoods to parks or community centers, giving kids and families safe access to outdoor recreation. These are all healthy things for a city. These are all things that are already beginning to happen in Memphis.

To maintain Memphis' bicycling and walking momentum, it is critical that we develop support structures and resources for Memphians who want to walk or ride a bicycle. Bike Walk Memphis serves this role for the biking and walking community:

We aggregate and promote biking and walking events, programs, and projects so that people can easily connect with their interests.

We lead education and encouragement programs that are aimed at increasing the number of people who bike and walk while decreasing the number of cyclists and pedestrians injured or killed by automobiles.

We advocate for safe street designs and policies that protect the most vulnerable users of public roads.

Our ability to affect positive change in Memphis is only as great as the number of supporters we have. We invite you to support bicycling and walking in Memphis by making a tax-deductible gift. If you would like to make a donation, click the button below.


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