Critical Next Steps

Thank you for signing the petition to support safe streets in Memphis. Let's keep our goals on the move and your voice loud and clear.

1.) Be sure you've participated in City Engineering's Survey about ten street repaving projects on the table at this time.

2.) Email, call, and write your elected officials. Not sure of your district? Simply enter your address here. Next, find the name of your representative next to your district number below. Feel free to use this sample letter and these talking points.

Please copy the following two individuals to all email correspondence:
       [email protected] (Chairman of the Council, Berlin Boyd)
       [email protected] (Bikeway and Pedestrian Program Manager, City Engineering)

Jim Strickland, [email protected]

City Council Members
District 1: Bill Morrison, [email protected]
District 2: Frank Colvett, Jr., [email protected]
District 3: Patrice Robinson, [email protected]
District 4: Jamita Swearengen, [email protected]
District 5: Worth Morgan, [email protected]
District 6: Edmund Ford, Jr., [email protected]
District 7: Berlin Boyd, [email protected]
Super District 8: Janis Fullilove, [email protected]
                              Martavius Jones, [email protected]
                              Joe Brown, [email protected]
Super District 9: Kemp Conrad, [email protected]
                              Philip Spinosa, Jr., [email protected]
                              Reid Hedgepeth, [email protected]

Council District Representative: (901) 636-6786
Council Chairman Boyd: (901) 636-7010

Mail a Letter
If you'd like to send a letter via mail, you may address it to your elected officials at the following addresses:

Council Members:                                   Mayor Strickland:
125 N. Main, Room 514                          125 N. Main St., Room 700
Memphis, TN 38103                                Memphis, TN 38103

Sign on to the Hightailers' Thank You Campaign
We hope you've already participated in the Memphis Hightailers' Thank You campaign to your elected officials, if you have not, please take a couple minutes to sign on to a letter. Feel free to add language to express support for any particular street project. 

3.) Spread the word! Tell your coworkers and peers about why this matters to you and how they can join the movement too!

We must continue to speak out in support of safe and smart street design. It is time to call out and to call upon each other.